old typewriter on a wooden table

In mid-August, as my finger lingered over the “Enter” button, I reflected upon the fact that, in a few moments, I would theoretically become “published.” It was a dream that I’d held for most of my life.

Although there was no loud clap of thunder when my first novel, The Judas Dilemma uploaded, the first month brought many satisfying moments. I’ve had many family and friends contact me to give me their impressions and have humbled me with their kind words.

Total strangers, many of whom live thousands of miles away, have posted very positive reviews. I’ve been invited to appear on local talk shows and to book clubs to discuss the book and writing in general. I’ve made new friends and reconnected with old ones.

But writing is not about praise, it’s about people. Producing the story that has rattled around in my head for so long was a wonderful feeling, but knowing that the product is being enjoyed by others is far more gratifying.

I am inspired by my readers, and thank you.